Transport boxes

Useful and practical transport boxes which can be stacked one upon another. They allow us to use the space more economically and optimise the costs of transport or storage. Transport boxes are light and durable and available in numerous dimensions.



Barvne plastične vezice omogočajo enostavno in hitro pritrjevanje, zato so nepogrešljive pri pakiranju številnih izdelkov.

Izbirate lahko med različnimi dimenzijami in barvami.


ZIP bags

Transparent ZIP bags have a versatile use. They are suitable for packaging and storing smaller parts of a product or small items, such as screws, cables and similar.

The bags are available in numerous dimensions.


Pockets for pallets

Pallets, boxes and other packaging material can be equipped with a transparent pocket for a delivery note, warranty or other documentation. The pocket both ensures that the documentation is well protected and cannot be lost, and that is clearly visible and readily available.

Pockets for pallets are made according to the customer requirements.

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