Stretch film provides excellent protection for your products from dust and dirt, and improves stability during the transportation process. The products on a pallet can be wrapped manually or mechanically, and thus prepared for transport or storage. We offer various types or sorts of stretch film, which provide the optimal product protection.

We are happy to advise and help you choosing the product to best suit your requirements. By choosing the right type of stretch film you ensure better product protection, quicker and simpler preparation for transportation, and also lowering the packaging costs.

Stretch film

Agricultural stretch film

A good quality and durable agrostretch film for agriculture. It is used for baling fodder or hay, as it provides good protection from rain and other elements, while being highly resistant to various forms of damage and piercing. Agrostretch film is very elastic and designed to allow for bailing to be as easy and economical as possible.

Technical specifications

Thickness: 25 my
Width: 500, 750 mm
Stretch film

Perforated film: manual and machine

Perforated or macro, perforated film is intended for palletisation of products which cannot be wrapped as airtight; they need to 'breathe'. This elastic stretch film enables a simple process for manual or machine pallet wrapping. Perforated film allows for air circulation, which is especially important for products wrapped while they are still warm. Large holes in the film allow for cooling the product and to decrease the levels of condensation.

Technical specifications

Thickness: 5–50 my
[raztegljivost] missing!: 100–200 %
[UV-stabilnost] missing!: No/Yes
Width: 500 mm
Stretch film

Mini stretch film

Mini stretch film provides protection during storage and transportation. This product makes manual wrapping and packaging much easier. The transparent film is highly elastic and provides a very simple form of protection from dust and dirt. The reel with mini stretch film is placed in a manual dispenser, which ensures an even quicker packaging operation.

Technical specifications

Thickness: 17, 23 mikronov
[raztegljivost] missing!: 100 %
Width: 100, 125, 250 mm
Stretch film

Pre-stretch film: manual and machine

Pre-stretch film has a lesser volume and weight than standard stretch film and thus take up less storage room. Since the film is pre-stretched during the production process, consumption of the material is decreased. This means less waste and better cost-efficiency. Besides, pre-stretch film allows for a much faster and more efficient manual or machine product or pallet packaging procedure.

Technical specifications

Thickness: 7–10 my
Width: 500mm
Length: 300–2500 m
Stretch film

Manual film

A stretchable film for manual pallet wrapping and protecting products from dust, dirt and moisture during storage or transportation. The manual stretch film is highly durable and provides for optimal product or pallet protection. Several types of manual film are available to suit your needs and type of usage.

Technical specifications

Thickness: 12–30 my
[raztegljivost] missing!: 100–150 %
[UV-stabilnost] missing!: No/Yes
Width: 500 mm
Color: transparent, black
[max-teza-role] missing!: 3 or 5 kilos respectively
Stretch film

Machine film

Stretchable and highly resistant wrapping film is used for machine pallet wrapping. The machine stretch film is highly expansive and durable, and is resistant to different types of damage which may occur during pallet loading and transportation, thus representing an optimal choice for packaging. Several types of machine film with different characteristics are available.

Do you need a very elastic machine film?

Certain machine stretch films from our range can be stretched up to 325% (super power film)!

Do you store your products outside, where they are exposed to sunlight and UV-rays? We offer UV-resistant films, providing excellent protection from UV-rays from 6 to even 12 months.

Are your products of a low height and you cannot utilise the wrapping film in full? We offer a machine stretch film with a width of 250 mm.

Technical specifications

Thickness: 10–50 mikronov
[raztegljivost] missing!: 100–325 %
[drsnost] missing!: Yes
[UV-stabilnost] missing!: No/Yes
Width: 500, 125, 250 mm
Color: transparent, black, white, printed
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