Due to the low cost and simple method of use, various straps represent an excellent solution for packaging and strapping pallets or goods in numerous spheres of industry.


Straps from our assortment can be used manually or with completely automated strapping machines. This allows for a wide variety of uses for numerous purposes. Straps are not sensitive to water and don't rust, and are available in various types and sizes.


Metal or steel straps

When you need to strap heavier cargo, a metal or steel strap works best. It has excellent tensile strength, which can be up to twice as great than in other types of straps. Such straps enables for a simple and sturdy strapping of various, even very heavy items.

Metal straps are very strong and resistant to various effects and of versatile use in both industry and transportation.



A PET strap is useful for packaging and strapping heavier items, and can often be used as a cheaper surrogate for metal straps. A PET strap is a very strong strap allowing for the sturdy and secure strapping of your cargo. It can be used for pallets, wood or other heavier goods.

A PET strap is made of polyethylene, an extremely durable material which can withstand significant fluctuations in temperature and has good resistance to moisture and other external forces.

Technical specifications

Thickness: 0,05–1,27 mm
Width: 9, 12, 15, 19 mm
Color: green
Sleeve: 406 mm

PP Strap

This light and flexible polypropylene strap is inexpensive, durable and practical for use.

 It is abrasion and weather resistant, it doesn't rust and allows for simple use and manipulation. It provides a cost efficient, quick and easy strapping procedure for cardboard, pallets or any kind of goods.


Available internal diameters: 200, 280, 406 mm

Specific weight 0,91 g/cm3
Expansion: 15–35 %
Resistance: 28–32 kg/mm2
Work temperature: from - 40 to +100 °C
Standard colors: white, black, blue

Technical specifications

Thickness: 0,35–0,85
Width: 5, 9, 12, 15, 19 mm
Sleeve: 200, 406
Winding length: 1500–7000 m
Print: no/yes

Textile composite strap

If you want to provide the best stability for your cargo or items on your pallets, use a textile composite strap! It can be used instead of a steel strap and enables you to save money, as textile straps are cheaper than metal ones, but nevertheless provide exceptional stability, because they are one of the strongest straps on the market.

Moreover, textile composite straps are very soft and can thus easily adapt to the cargo of various shapes and provides for efficient strapping.

Textile composite strap:

  • is very light and doesn't rust;
  • enables for easy and safe use;
  • has an excellent tensile strength;
  • is suitable for products with sharp edges;
  • provides an inexpensive solution for the binding of goods.
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