Paper and lining in all dimensions

FELT PAPER (28–30 g/m2) for wrapping and product protection. This very versatile paper is used for wrapping ceramics or glass, baked and other food products, etc.

KRAFT PAPER is available in a brown colour and in various weights and formats for packaging production or wrapping. The paper has a neat natural appearance and a corrugated structure which provides excellent durability.

BROWN CORRUGATED MG IN ROLLS weighing from 32 to 40g, in different sizes (40–80cm)
BROWN CORRUGATED MG IN FORMATS 70 x 100, 92 x 126 or 100 x 126 weighing between 70 and 120g
BROWN MF WITH POLYETHYLENE IN ROLLS, 70 + 20Gg,  sizes 104 and 128cm respectively

ANTI-SLIPPERY SURFACE of various dimensions and characteristics for stabilising goods during transportation or storage.