Pallets and collars


Plastične palete

Za prevoz različnega blaga in njegovo shranjevanje oziroma skladiščenje se danes pogosto uporabljajo plastične palete. So lahke, trpežne in praktične za uporabo ter olajšajo transport.  

Nosilnost in dimenzije palet se lahko prilagodijo željam kupca in namenu uporabe.  




Wooden pallets

We provide classic new EPAL-pallets in different dimensions, suitable for various purposes. Wooden pallets make the transportation and storage of goods easier and are environmentally friendly.  

They have a great load bearing capacity and are suitable for multiple use.  


Aluminium pallets

Aluminium pallets are used for the easier handling of heavy cargo. Aluminium has a great load bearing capacity, it doesn't rust, is resistant to chemicals and easy to clean.  

Aluminium pallets are available in various dimensions.


Plastic pallets

Plastic pallets are today a common choice for transport and storage of various products. They are light, durable and practical, and thus make transport easier.  

The pallets' load bearing capacity and dimension can be adjusted to the customer requirements and the purpose of use.

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