LDPE and HDPE films/bags

Our range includes various cover and protective films and bags made from high quality polyethylene:

  • LDPE bags, sleeves, semi-sleeves or different dimension profiles; anti-static;
  • cover LDPE films for covering pallets (perforated in a roll);
  • construction films for covering materials at construction sites and protecting them from dust, dirt and various other elements.
LDPE and HDPE films and bags

Shopping bags

Universal bags for shopping or other purposes.  Load-bearing bags are made from a thin, but durable film.

They are packed in a roll which allows for easier storage and usage.

On request, we can print your shopping bags with the chosen motif or text.

LDPE and HDPE films and bags

Pallet bags

Do you want to protect your pallets from dust, moisture and dirt, and thus prepare them for transport or a long period of storage to an even greater degree?

Pallet bags in various sizes and characteristics offer great protection for pallets from all external factors, and at the same allowing for easy packaging, thus representing an excellent alternative to covering or wrapping film for pallets.

Big bags for EPAL-pallets are made of durable transparent film, which protects goods or products on pallets and provides for much greater stability. 

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