EPE film, bags, formats and profiles

EPE film, bags, formats and profiles

EPE or polyethylene film

This completely eco-friendly packaging film is intended for the protection of various delicate objects. The EPE film is used as an additional protection in packaging goods that may get damaged or broken during storage or transportation, namely:

  • glass and porcelain;
  • different electronic devices;
  • ceramic goods;
  • delicate furniture.

Light weight and flexibility

The film is made from expanded polyethylene or shortly EPE with the following qualities:

  • it is very light, elastic and a relatively soft material;
  • odourless and water resistant;
  • very durable and an excellent thermal insulator;
  • allows for great flexibility and easy packaging.


The film is made from a closed cell polyethylene foam. Since environmentally friendly HFC or CFC blowing agents are used in the process, the EPE foam is completely recyclable.

Various sizes and ways of packaging

Our assortment includes EPE films of varying thickness and sizes, available in rolls and other forms. We also supply formats, strips, sleeves and bags made from EPE packaging film.

Technical specifications

Thickness: 1, 2, 3 mm
EPE film, bags, formats and profiles

EPE profiles

EPE profiles for  the protection of furniture edges, paintings, mirrors and other products during transportation or packaging, which are very easy to use and allow for quick fitting. They are made from soft, but nevertheless durable EPE film which is very flexible and provides an excellent protection against mechanical and other types of damage.

EPE films are available in different shapes and sizes.

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