Carboard protection angles and tubes


Our range includes versatile cardboard tubes, indispensable in industry and other spheres.

Cardboard tubes are available in varying cardboard thickness, length and inner diameter. 

Carboard protection angles and tubes

Cardboard protection angles

Easily fitted cardboard protection angles are used for the additional protection of edges. They provide good protection and preventing damage of the products.

Standard sizes:  

  • Sides: 45 x 45 mm  
  • Thickness: 3 or 4 mm  
  • Length: from 100mm

On request, we provide cardboard protection corners ranging from 35 x 35 to 100 x 100mm, and up to 10mm thick.  

Cardboard corners can also be printed.

Carboard protection angles and tubes

Plastic protection angles

Plastic protection angles are used for packing delicate products, as they prevent damage which may occur during strapping the goods with plastic straps. They are cost-effective and provide good protection for your goods.

Plastic protection angles are available in different sizes.

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