Bubble wrap film, bags and formats

Bubble wrap film

Bubble wrap film provides excellent protection for fragile or sensitive products for packaging, storage and transportation. It protects products from eventual damage and other external factors. 

Air bubbles between the two layers of film provide good protection from shocks or falls that can occur during the transportation process. Fragile items, such as electronic devices, glass decorations, books, lamps and similar items can arrive to their destination undamaged.

Bubble wrap film is an excellent packaging material which can be used for numerous purposes:

  • for packing different fragile items,
  • for protecting postal items and packages,
  • for preventing damage and breakage of items during transportation.  

Due to its elasticity, lightness and adaptability, the bubble wrap film allows for the easy packaging of all kinds of products. Moreover, it protects them from shock damage, moisture, dust, water, rain and dirt..

Anti-static bubble wrap film is available in a roll or on a reel. An individual reel has 200 metres of bubble wrap film.

You can choose from different types and sizes. We also provide various welded and sawn bags, formats, sleeves and semi-sleeves from bubble wrap film.

Technical specifications

[sirina] missing!: 1000, 1250, 1500 mm
[barva] missing!: transparent
[antistaticnost] missing!: Yes
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