BIG BAG flexible bags for all kinds of goods in bulk, are a cost-efficient solution for transportation and storage.

Their main advantages are:

  • cost-friendly solution for packaging;
  • incredibly flexible and practical;
  • full BIG BAGS are possible to stack one on top of another and thus save on space;
  • quick and easy loading and unloading;
  • made of an eco-friendly materials, which aren't harmful to your health;
  • the shape can be fully adjusted to the requests of any individual customer. 

BIG BAG bags

Our assortment includes various types of durable transport bags:

  • standard BIG BAG bags with flat bottom and an opening at the top;
  • BIG BAG  bags with a rigid shape retaining the rectangular shape;
  • BIG BAG bags with tube or corner handles;
  • antistatic BIG BAG bags;
  • bags for use in the food industry,  complying with high hygienic standards;
  • BIG BAG UN bags for ecologically contested or harmful materials;
  • custom made BIG BAG bags with the option of individual selection of type, size and other specifications.
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